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  •  Terra Vista Davis Estates Oak Ridge Place
The Orlando home builder that answers to you. Personally.

We believe that when you make something personal you make it better. You do it smarter. You focus on what matters. You give it 100% each and every day.

This is our approach at A&M Homes. Every home we create is a personal passion from the ground up. For us, it’s not about meeting sales quotas. It’s about meeting our own high standards. It’s not about answering to shareholders. It’s about answering to you. It’s not about putting it up faster. It’s about doing it better. It’s not about cutting corners to cut costs. It’s about finding better ways to design and build that make genuine quality affordable.

How many companies can say its founders still inspect every home before handing over the keys? We can. Because with us it’s personal. And that makes all the difference in the world for you.

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