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Do you need another reason to move to Orlando?

Maybe you don’t need a reason, but you still want to do some research before you move, which is perfectly understandable. Generally, when people discuss moving to Central Florida, the first things that come to mind are the sunshine, beaches, natural parks and attractions. While it is true that quality of life is great in Orlando, it’s wise to look into other financial statistics of any city you are moving to.

Below we have listed the top financial reasons to buy a home in central Florida:

Great Prices: Single-family homes and town homes are widely available at historically low prices, but the median home prices are steadily increasing. Single-family homes in the state of Florida are at a median of $185,000, which is 3.6 percent higher than the previous year in a year-over-year comparison. This is a positive sign for the state’s recovery, and proof that home prices in Florida will continue on an upward trend.

High Inventory Level: Due to increase in home prices and average sales in the state, many homeowners are listing their homes for sale and development of new homes has also increased. This trend is allowing homes to move through the selling cycle more quickly, thus the inventory is frequently refreshed.

Log-term State Growth: Florida is a popular destination for not only for families, but for businesses as well. Being on the east coast and less expensive than New York makes the Orlando area quite lucrative for businesses.

Diverse Economy: Florida attracts business from other parts of the United States and overseas, which ensures more consistent cash flow throughout the state. This has shown to have an impact on the state’s economic recovery.

At A&M Homes, we have a large inventory of new single-family homes and town homes in Central Florida. If you are new to the area or are in the research phase, one of our team members would be glad to answer any questions, help you find a home that fits your needs, and take you through a tour of the homes you are interested in, call our office to schedule an appointment.