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Things to do in Saint Cloud for Kids

It’s not easy to keep children entertained and engaged, especially if there are no recreational areas in your vicinity. You can only take your kids to the local mall or park so many times before they become bored and need something new and fresh. Fortunately, Saint Cloud has several kid-friendly places to visit and most of them will provide them with something interesting to do and enjoy.

Things to do with kids in Saint Cloud

Here’s a list of places you must visit with your kids if you’re in Saint Cloud:

Forever Florida

This park is an absolute blessing for children and adults alike and is run by excellent staff. Forever Florida has adventures for the whole family. Your children can experience the Zipline Adventure or Thrill Pack if they want to explore treetops, try Horseback and Rawhide Roundup in a pioneer-style ride, or experience the more relaxing Wild Coach Adventure, which is suitable for people of all ages. This park is also home to The Rattlesnake, which is the first zipline roller coaster in the country. Learn More

Reptile World Serpentarium

It’s always a good idea to introduce your children to the wonders of nature and show them different animals and this includes wilder creatures like snakes and reptiles. This is a relatively small establishment but has a large number of venomous and non-venomous snakes, which can prove to be a very educational experience for your children. The trained handlers also extract venom and showcase the process, which is the main attraction of this serpentarium. Learn More

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area

This is an excellent place if you like trekking, biking, or just walking through the woods. Lake Runnymede also has a small beach and several excellent picnic spots if you want to have an easy and peaceful time with your children and family. If you want your kids to fall in love with nature and engage in some physical activity, visiting this park regularly will help. Learn More

Peghorn Nature Park

This is a gem of a park that local schools often use for elementary school trips. The park is pretty, but it’s also connected to local history. There’s an old school building, a nature trail, gardens, etc. The park demonstrates old farming techniques and processes and shows children how people gardened several decades ago. Your kids will benefit from this easy and interesting glimpse of history. Learn More

Crescent J Ranch

This is a great place to explore nature as well, but also has something more interesting to offer. Your children will be able to see alligators in the wild, look at tortoises, and even interact with a barn owl or two. The ranch also offers horseback riding and most of the staff here are very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna. Your children will definitely learn a number of things on this trip. Learn More

Saint Cloud is a wonderful place for families and provides ample opportunities for children to explore and experience new things. The town also houses a number of beaches and parks so you can have an adventurous outing as well as an easy family trip whenever you like.

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