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5 Places in Your House That You Always Forget To Clean

House cleaning isn’t something you can avoid and it can be extremely tedious and time-consuming too. While you get the satisfaction of having clean spaces to live in, these activities also eat into your leisure time. And so, most people take the mean path and do a rush-rush house clean whenever they get the time.

The result is that while some areas of the home are spic-and-span, some areas often get neglected and stay dirty. Here are 5 places or features in houses that most people forget to clean:

1 – Washing machine

If your clothes don’t smell as clean as fresh as you expect them to after you have run them through a wash, it’s time to give your washing machine a thorough clean. While every machine is built differently, you can easily clean your washing machine in just a single wash cycle. Simply pour some baking soda and white vinegar into the washer and operate it on hot cycles. It’s also a good idea to leave the machine door open between washes to air it out thoroughly.

2 –  Door frames

While most people do end up cleaning window frames as part of their house cleaning routine, the door frames tend to get sidelined. Since these spots are above eye level and out of reach its easy to forget to clean them regularly. Make it a point to wipe the entire surface of the door frames as well as the sides and the top to remove all the unwanted dust, cobwebs and dirt.

3 – Under kitchen appliances

Most people make the time to keep their kitchen appliances sparkling clean, but a lot of dust and gunk tends to accumulate under and behind these appliances. You can’t defer cleaning under these appliances forever. Every once in a while, pull the refrigerator out, wipe down the sides and back and then clean under it too. Do the same for the oven, stove and other kitchen appliance as well.

4 – Curtains

When you are deep cleaning your home, make it a point to clean your curtains. While most curtain fabric can be machine-washed and dried, some drapes and curtains have to be washed in a specific manner. It’s very easy for dust, mold, dander, and pollen to easily build-up on the curtains. Start at the top and continue cleaning the length of the curtain till you reach the bottom seam using a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner.

5 – Baseboards

Most people consider baseboard cleaning an optional chore. These features collect dirt and dust every single day from foot traffic, pets, and furniture. It’s important that you run a damp cloth over them every once in a while and vacuum them when you can.

The one way to avoid forgetting to clean these features and areas is to create a detailed house cleaning list and use that as a reference point to ensure that your home regularly gets a thorough clean.

For any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at A&M Homes through our contact us page. We’ll be happy to help.