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What is a Move In Ready Home?

Different people want different things from their home. Some treat their new home like a passion project and want to design every inch of it themselves. Others don’t have much time and just want a beautiful and comfortable space that doesn’t need much work. At A&M Homes, we provide beautiful move-in ready properties that don’t require much work and provide ample comfort from the moment you step into the property.

What is a move-in ready home?

Buyers, real estate agents, and developers interpret this term differently but in most cases, it refers to a property that’s completed or is near completion. These homes don’t need much time and effort to be comfortable and they’re available for immediate sale so you don’t have to wait for long to move into the property.

These inventory homes are well-designed and carefully decorated to ensure they look good and attract buyers. A move-in ready home is a good investment for people who don’t want to go into the trouble of installing features and planning spaces before occupying it. Here are some of the qualities of a move-in ready home:

  • The floors and carpets are newly installed and clean.
  • The windows and doors are new and in good condition. The trims aren’t faded, discolored, or worn as they’re likely to be in older properties.
  • The property has good landscaping and there’s no need to trim overgrown bushes or redesign the outdoor space because they’re newly installed.
  • All the appliances are in mint condition and work well so new homeowners or tenants don’t need to worry about problems and repairs.
  • The plumbing is also newly installed and doesn’t need any initial maintenance and repairs.

These advantages make a move-in ready home an attractive prospect for busy professionals and buyers who want to reduce the stress of the move.

What are the benefits of move-in ready home?

These homes tend to be a little more expensive compared because they’re carefully prepared and are ready for occupancy. Here are some of the distinct advantages of such properties:

  • There are no delays and problems with scheduling. You can move into your new home whenever you’re ready.
  • These properties are still customizable so you can add your own flair to them.
  • They are often built in attractive locations. Your new home will have beautiful surroundings and great resale value as well.
  • Most move-in ready properties also have the latest appliances and fixtures.

At A&M Homes, we provide great move-in ready homes in St. Cloud Florida. We have a number of well-designed and move-in ready homes in the communities of Terra Vista, Oak Ridge, and Oaktree Pointe. These homes come in different designs and you can choose between 2 to 4 bedrooms, 2.5 to 3 bathrooms, and different sizes. The properties are reasonably priced but there’s no compromise on the quality of construction.

If you want to know more about them or are looking for a new move-in ready home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at A&M Homes through our contact us page. You can also check out our move-in ready properties here.