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Spring Cleaning – Garage Organization Tips

A garage is often used as a convenient storage space to keep items out of the way but still in a person’s house. Unsurprisingly, this space can become pretty crowded over time as things begin piling up. At A&M Homes, we recommend keeping a garage clean and organized to avoid accidents. If you put off clearing the garage for too long, it will be much more difficult to clean. Here are some tips that can help keep things organized:

1 – Remove excess

People find it very difficult to let go of their possessions, even if they don’t use it much or at all. The first step is to sort through all items stored in your garage and segregating them. Divide all possessions into three piles; keep, donate, and recycle/throw away. Store important items or things you intend to use in 6 months in a keep pile.

Donate objects that are in relatively good condition. If donating isn’t an option, it’s easy to sell old possessions online and get some money. Dispose of all waste items responsibly.

2 – Clean and evaluate 

Once you have removed all items from garage space, clean it thoroughly. Remove cobwebs, mold, rotten pieces of wood, or other such trash, cleaning the space from floor to ceiling. Step back and assess this space carefully after doing that.

An empty garage is a good way to determine how much space you have and whether different storage solutions are needed. A thorough assessment will also help identify problems in garage structure or appearance. It’s a good idea to fix these problems before planning storage solutions.

3 – Invest in smart storage

Smart storage solutions make maximum use of a small amount of space. Good solutions can keep all possessions in one place, making sure they’re easy to access and are organized. Storage items are easily available and aren’t expensive, allowing you to utilize every bit of space like corners, ceilings, and blank walls affordably. They are also easy to install so there’s no need to call a professional carpenter, just follow instructions provided and you’ll have a good storage space. Use cabinets, shelves, drawers, hooks, wall mounts, etc., to store different kinds of items.

It’s a good idea to consider requirements while planning a storage space. For example, do you need to room to store tools like screwdrivers, wretches, or hammers? Create wall mount so these items are out of the way but still easily accessible. High shelves are ideal places for boxes, store items you need but don’t use too often in them. A well-planned, custom system can keep things organized for a long time.

4 – Clean regularly

The only way to maintain a garage in good condition is to clean regularly. Go through your possessions and discard all items you don’t need regularly. This ensures there’s no need to carry out a massive spring clean every year.

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