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Home Features That Set An A&M Home Apart

Everyone wants a unique and interesting home that suits their requirements perfectly. Prospective homeowners view dozens of properties, browse through several plans, and keep searching until they find an ideal place to live. At A&M Homes, we provide a series of well-designed, move-in-ready properties so you’re sure to find something that suits your requirements well. Here are some home features that set A&M properties apart:

  • Intuitive Modern Design 

Modern design preferences have evolved considerably over the years. People prefer clean lines, almost minimalist designs with touches of warmth, along with open spaces. Most want ample natural light along with good ventilation, which ensures a property doesn’t feel cluttered or small. We have taken all of these factors into consideration, which is why our properties are very popular with new buyers.

  • Good Quality Materials

People invest in newly-constructed homes because they don’t want to deal with constant repairs or breakdowns. Older properties with worn down fixtures require frequent attention, which can be expensive. Unfortunately, not all newly constructed buildings are the same.

Some builders cut corners or compromise on product quality to reduce cost. That has some long-term consequences and cause new homeowners a lot of trouble. We don’t compromise on quality during construction so clients can trust all A&M homes to be resilient.

  • Value For Money 

A home is one of the biggest investments people make so it’s important to ensure the property provides good value for money. We have a wide range of plans and reasonably priced properties in good locations. These properties are located near good school districts and friendly neighborhoods, which means they retain great value over time.

  • Customized Approach 

Our move-in ready homes have a flexible design that can be easily customized to suit your requirements. Adding personal touches, different design elements, or altering the floor plan a little is easy. This is appealing for prospective homeowners who want o make a place their own. If the build hasn’t been constructed yet, it’s easier to customize. We provide many unique floor plans that can be altered according to your requirements. Designers have a hands-on approach to working with clients and will be with you every step of the way.

  • Two Great Communities

We like to provide clients with many options so they can find their perfect home. You have the option to choose from two great communities: Oaktree Pointe and Terra Vista. Both of these are well-planned, conveniently located, and provide access to modern amenities. Oaktree Pointe provides 5 floor plan options with homes starting at $200,000. Terra Vista provides 10 floor plan options with 3-6 bedroom designs starting at $230,000.

You need to see it to really understand the beauty of these properties and communities so why not visit today? Many prospective homeowners explore different homes available with us to get a feel of design so exploring is the best way to find what you love about these properties.

If you want to know about our residential projects or are looking for a new home in the Saint Cloud area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at A&M Homes through our contact us page.