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Summer Energy Saving Tips

Every property owner looks for ways and means to save money on home expenses and home maintenance. This can prove to be a very difficult task, especially in the summer months, with reference to energy consumption. With summer upon us, we all know how difficult it can be to keep a tab on our electric bills. While no one enjoys sky-high electric bills, there are some ways of saving money without compromising on your comfort during the summer months. Here are a few energy-saving tips that will also help you save some money:

  • Set the Thermostats to a Higher Temperature– This simple step can go a long way in saving you at least 15% on electricity costs. Adjusting the thermostat to even two degrees higher can provide you this benefit. If you feel that you can set it to a higher temperature than that, with no compromise on your comfort levels, it can help you save even more money. In fact, using a programmable thermostat can help you modify indoor temperatures and save energy while you are at home.
  • Make Use of Ceiling Fans– If there are ceiling fans in your home, make it a point to use them. The breeze that the ceiling fans lend, can help you save on your air conditioning costs.
  • Use Your Outdoor Kitchen More Often– Summer is an excellent time to use the yard for parties, BBQs and more. When you choose to cook outdoors it helps reduce the amount of heat circulating in your home, which in turn helps reduce your air conditioning costs. You can enjoy the outdoor setting, even as you cook there, spend some leisurely moments with your family, and save a significant amount of money on your electric bills too.
  • Focus On Landscaping Your Yard Spaces– Large trees and bushes not only add to the greenery and liveliness of your property but also help keep your home shaded. This helps reduce the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, reducing your electric bills.
  • Keep Your HVAC System Well Maintained– Changing the air filter of your air conditioning unit is a very simple task. The dirt and debris that gets caught in the filters can affect the performance of the HVAC system. In addition to regular replacement off the air filter, it’s also crucial that you schedule maintenance for the system at least once every six months. This helps ensure that the system heats and cools your home as efficiently as possible.

Other Steps To Take

In addition to all these things, you can add window treatments and seal all the gap and cracks around the doors and windows. This helps keep the hot air out during the summer months and the cool air in, and vice-versa during the winter months. These simple steps can help reduce the burden on your HVAC system, which in turn helps reduce your electric bills.

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